Returning to UK waters – Part 5.

We pottered down Le Jaudy river, giving Kyra time to warm her engines, leaving the lovely town of Treguier behind us. We caught up  a Dutch sail boat who was obviously heading home gradually, as he was going to catch the flood tide that would carry us both east towards the Channel Islands. The skipper…… Continue reading Returning to UK waters – Part 5.

Returning to UK waters – Part 4.

Kyra had 6 lonely months in Roscoff. You may remember we left her there on 27th January, with the aim of picking her up and continuing the journey ‘home’ a few weeks later. Storms came in February and early March, so two flights and travel plans were cancelled. Then the Covid 19 lockdown came, ensuring…… Continue reading Returning to UK waters – Part 4.

Kyra returns to UK waters – Part 2.

So we spent the night in Joinville, Ile d’ Yeu. There was a good atmosphere in the town, not the summer holiday kind, but the friendly, cosy atmosphere, when strangers are full of goodwill. We strolled the streets to find a likely spot for dinner that evening. We paid a visit to the amazing fishmonger…… Continue reading Kyra returns to UK waters – Part 2.

At last – we return to Kyra.

After an ‘interesting’ journey from Brest to L’ Aberwrach, where we had 12ft waves on the nose passing Ushant, and then the following day, totally calm seas and an escort of Dolphins, we left Kyra in Roscoff. Before heading home, the crew of Carole, Adrian, Lady H and the skipper, celebrated Lady H’s birthday in…… Continue reading At last – we return to Kyra.

Winter is here but we are planning for summer!

Kyra has her service work booked with AMP in La Rochelle. A full engine and gearbox service, along with the generator, is required, for peace of mind before tackling Biscay in the summer. The heat exchangers are also coming off for a clean and descaling, as it was noted that she was running a little…… Continue reading Winter is here but we are planning for summer!

Where next?

With a thirst for adventure, the skipper spends many a wet, dark, winter evening, contemplating the cruising that he would like to undertake. Alaska, the Panama Canal, the Norwegian Fjords all spring to mind. Sadly they are not within reach of Kyra, particularly next summer.  Kyra’s owners do not share the same quest for adventure,…… Continue reading Where next?

Return of the Deck Tinsel.

After the two week summer cruise to Arcachon, the skipper washed Kyra down and put the covers on. The beds were stripped and Nathalie from Service Plaisance came aboard to give a thorough clean and do the laundry. Kyra was now set for the next guests, due the last week of August. The visitors for…… Continue reading Return of the Deck Tinsel.

Shore leave – Southampton Boat Show

It’s not all about Kyra, despite what my friends and family may say. But it is nearly always about boats. Those of you that have the disease or live with someone suffering from it, will understand. Boats and the boating way of life occupy the skipper’s mind and time. So on Sunday he took a…… Continue reading Shore leave – Southampton Boat Show

Rolling around to Royan

Rochefort provided entertainment for the younger members of the crew. The Hermione was a concorde-class frigate launched in 1779 and made famous in 1780 after ferrying General Lafayette to America, to assist in the civil war. In 1997 construction of a replica Hermione began in the Rochefort dry docks and the completed vessel uses the…… Continue reading Rolling around to Royan

Oui, Oui, La Rochelle

  Time was running out. The skipper originally allowed 8 days to move Kyra the 200 miles from Southern Brittany to La Rochelle. Six days had now passed and there was still almost 100 miles to run. The continual, almost gale force winds were the problem, whipping up 1.5 metre waves, which combined with the…… Continue reading Oui, Oui, La Rochelle

Happy Hungarians Help Prepare Kyra

With the start of the season fast approaching, and Kyra’s launch scheduled for 26th March, it was imperative that certain tasks were completed quickly. The skipper takes pride in preparing the boat at the beginning of each season, so that the owners and guests get maximum enjoyment from her. However, time and distance were working…… Continue reading Happy Hungarians Help Prepare Kyra

A smooth bottom brings maximum enjoyment (& other benefits).

Kyra is getting on a little now, but I am pleased to say she still has a very firm bottom. Having said that, like all ladies, it is important to pay attention to the detail  in order to maintain a strong overall impression. It was for this reason that we decided to have some work…… Continue reading A smooth bottom brings maximum enjoyment (& other benefits).

Floating friendships

There is nothing like boating, particularly on the sea, for creating friendships and bonds. It is not uncommon for two people that share a passion or a past time to become friends. However, those that cruise on the sea, whether it is under sail or power, create friendships and often strong bonds with fellow sailors.…… Continue reading Floating friendships

More marinas….

The ‘Best Marina’ conversation is a matter of opinion. Some of you have contacted Kyra to say ‘what about this marina?’ or ‘That marina?’. The skipper is aware that he has not mentioned many worthy destinations, such as Veere in Holland, or the Helford River in the UK . We welcome recommendations, as it is lovely…… Continue reading More marinas….

Best marinas

As a skipper of a motorboat that has cruised relatively extensively,  one is often asked ‘which is the best marina’ or ‘your favourite spot’. The skipper’s experience includes the east and south coasts of the UK, from Port Edgar near Edinburgh with its majestic view of the Forth rail bridge, around to Falmouth, the deepest…… Continue reading Best marinas

Up, Up and Out.

The skipper returned to Kyra at Port La Foret, on Monday 18th December, having taken the overnight crossing to St Malo. The lift out was arranged for 2pm  that afternoon. It was a relief to see Charlie from PLF MARINE was on station and organising matters with the crane driver. Fortunately it was a calm…… Continue reading Up, Up and Out.

Around to Port La Foret

After a night in Benodet (a place Kyra will definitely visit again), lines were slipped at 10am for the short trip around to Port La Foret, which is due to be Kyra’s winter home. The sun shone and the sea was glassy smooth, the feeble breeze not even rippling the surface. There was a lovely…… Continue reading Around to Port La Foret

Less is More Tender

You may remember that it was decided that the Williams Jet Tender should be exchanged for a newer, slower, more manageable craft. Because of this, the skipper visited the London Boat Show at Excel , early in January. The aim was do some research into likely replacement vessels. Kyra, the much loved Trader 575, needs…… Continue reading Less is More Tender

Kyra returns to UK waters ..Part 1.

  It was July 2017 when Kyra left UK waters. We sailed her from Southampton, via 10 ports, to La Rochelle. Ports of call included Yarmouth (Isle of Wight), Beaucette (Guernsey), St Helier (Jersey), and then the French ports of St Malo, St Quay Portrieux, Roscoff,                   …… Continue reading Kyra returns to UK waters ..Part 1.